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OnSite Metals - Price List

10 - 40 yards

  • We buy all your scrap metal and we will provide you free of charge our OnSite Metals Containers to hold your scrap metal.
  • When your Container is full, you call our toll free telephone number and within 48 hrs an OnSite Metals truck will arrive to remove and replace your Container full of scrap metal.
  • Within 2 weeks we will send you a fair market payment for your scrap metal.
Do not settle for old and dirty containers to place your scrap metal:
  • Our Containers are the cleanest and most professional in the industry.Our prices are always fair and competitive.
  • We keep our markup the same no matter if the market goes up or down.
  • At OnSite Metals we work hard to keep our customers satisfied.
  • We are always available to discuss any problems or requirements our customers have.

Cleaner and more professional

Dumping hoppers

  • We hold a wide variety of different sizes of Containers from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards.
  • We also custom design Containers for your specific needs.
  • We can also provide you free of charge dumping hoppers to facilitate dumping your scrap metal in the Containers, as well as electronic floor scale to weigh your scrap metal before we pick it up.